Atelier or Tailor Made Ferrari: Which Program is Right for You

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A bespoke Ferrari deserves to be as unique as you.

Ferrari offers multiple different personalization programs to help you specifically achieve the Ferrari of your dreams. In this article, we will explicitly describe the difference between the Tailor Made and Atelier Ferrari programs.

What is the Ferrari Atelier?

Atelier Ferrari is a private studio located separately from the main dealer showroom. Ferrari designed the program to ensure that the client’s wishes are absolutely the center of attention. The Atelier is a truly exclusive and sophisticated space. Our team of experts assists guests to create their very own bespoke car. Clients use the Atelier program to create a unique Ferrari that they mold to their own tastes. In this program, Ferrari provides an array of standard leathers and Alcantara for the interior. In addition, clients can choose from several out-of-range semi-aniline leather options. The configurator program is available to facilitate the design. For clients willing to travel to the Ferrari NYC showroom, there is a dedicated Atelier Photoshop expert. This expert will enhance the build beyond the capabilities of the configurator (e.g. design liveries).

Atelier is ideal for clients who want a degree of personalization and the opportunity to infuse their personality into a design without requiring highly-specialized interiors or extensive-time constraints.

Tailor Made Programme

This exclusive program is for those clients who want to customize every element of their Ferrari vehicle. You are effectively putting your personality in your Ferrari. Your Ferrari becomes an extension of yourself.  The essence of Tailor Made is the interior. To begin, Tailor Made offers three collections as a starting point: Classica, Scuderia, and Inedita.

For those who enjoy racing, the Scuderia Collection is calling your name. The Scuderia collection pays tribute to Ferrari’s racing DNA with an exclusive grouping of rubberized leather, Kevlar fabrics, and carbon fiber trims.

On the other hand, the Classica collection is for those who want to take a modern spin on iconic features of historic Ferrari GTs.  Ferrari uses elegant exterior colors, chrome details, and vintage leathers, wool, cashmere, and corduroy combined with the latest materials and production techniques to design your vehicle.

But if you are into experimentation, the Inedita collection is where you should start. This collection looks to the future and uses unconventional fabrics such as denim and bold leather to design an innovative vehicle. If you are open to unprecedented innovation, emphatically choose inedita.

Furthermore, the Tailor Made program exclusively uses Photoshop. There is no use of the configurator in this program. Tailor Made clients typically have an appreciation for design. These clients enjoy a highly unique and personalized product. Tailor Made clients must exhibit a sense of patience so they can embark on this long journey with Ferrari. Also, Tailor Made is only offered at exclusive Tailor Made facilities: Maranello, NYC, and Shanghai

What’s similar between the two programs?

Any exterior paint can be applied to either a Tailor Made or Atelier build. Ferrari offers over 160 paint colors at the NYC showroom. Likewise, the NYC Atelier team can develop a livery or dreamlines for the exterior. Liveries and dreamlines do not make a Tailor Made vehicle tailor-made. Lastly, in New York, there is a dedicated Specialist and Photoshop designer that guides every Tailor Made or Atelier client experience.

If building a bespoke Ferrari interests you, contact our sales team for an appointment.

Ferrari NYC Showroom and Personalized Vehicles from Ferrari Atelier and Tailor Made

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