Ferrari 296 GTS: Fun to Drive En Plein Air

April 21st, 2022 by

Redefining fun to drive en plein air.

Here it comes the open version of the new Berlinetta powered by a V6 Engine and plug-in hybrid system capable of unleashing 830 Hp. This car is also available with the Assetto Fiorano specification. Ferrari now introduces the all-new 296 GTS.

Twelve Months after the 296 GTB

Just 12 months after the introduction of the 296 GTB, comes the spider version. Same mechanics, with the major focus on the retractable hard top stored inside the engine compartment. It is an incredible piece, able to activate in 14 seconds, even in motion (up to 30 mph).

Aerodynamics of the 296 GTS

The 296 GTS present an active rear spoiler inherited by the La Ferrari, designed to promote a downforce with a vertical load capacity of 360 Kg at 155 Mph (in the Assetto Fiorano Version). What it means active spoiler? More drag management and maximization of downforce, pressing the car into the ground, avoiding turbulence and purposing at suspension level, another feature transferred from Ferrari’s GT department.

The front bumper is designed to promote more downforce, with the so-called “Tea-Tray” design – an empty space in the center of the bumper, which supports overpressure field – countered by the bottom of the car: when air flow reaches the tea tray, wraps around itself creating a strong vortex force that gets delivered towards the underbody.

This movement, accelerate airflow, and increases suction: a solution borrowed from F1 aerodynamics.

Plug-in Hybrid powered by Formula 1’s MGU-K

Another F1 feature is the electronic differential. The F1-style MGU-K recovers wasted energy (Kinetic energy) to increase battery charge and power the hybrid engine. Similar to the SF90 model, where we first explained the technological transfer from Formula 1 of the MGU-K unit for energy recover, the 296 GTS is capable of up to 15 miles of Electric powered drive.

Interiors296 GTS interior

The Ferrari 296 Gts has a cockpit developed around an incredible and newly designed, fully digital interface. The technological content is nevertheless inserted in the aesthetically detailed class that distinguishes Ferrari.


The guiding criterion for the interior, like the exterior design, is that of cleanliness: simplified forms and sober coatings. Seats with a specific tuning fork design. This is a true example of fine Italian manufacture.


296 GTS Engine

Just as the 296 GTB, the GTS type have a plug-in hybrid, V6 with 120 angle, 2992 cc. The V6 alone produces 663 horsepower, reached at 8,000 rpm. Two turbochargers, mono scroll type, have allowed the thrust to be increased by 24% compared to the previous generation installed on the V8. Combined with an electric motor, always mounted on the rear axle, capable of delivering an additional 122 kW / 167 Hp.

The maximum system power is 830 Hp with a torque of 740 Nm. The battery has a capacity of 7.45 kWh, enough to travel 25 km in electric-only mode. Rear-wheel drive transmission with dual-clutch, eight-speed F1 gearbox. The dry weight of 1,540 kg results in a weight / power ratio of 1.86 kg / hp.

As far as performance goes, the 296 GTS accelerates from 0 to 60mph  in 2.9 seconds and 7.6 for the 0-200 sprint. The maximum speed is indicated as over 210 mph, while the lap time at Fiorano was measured in 1’21 “80.

Technical Sheet for the 296 GTS

  • Thermal engine: V6 petrol, 2992 cc, two turbochargers; maximum power 663 hp at 8,000 rpm.
  • Electric motor: maximum power 167 Hp. 7.45 kWh battery.
  • Maximum hybrid system power: 830 hp at 8,000 rpm, maximum torque 740 Nm at 6,250 rpm.
  • Transmission: F1 dual-clutch, eight-speed gearbox, rear-wheel drive.
  • Performance: 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.9 s, 0-200 in 7.6 s; top speed over 210 mph.
  • Dimensions: length 4,565 mm, width 1,958 mm, height 1,191 mm, wheelbase 2,600 mm, dry weight 1,540 kg, weight distribution 40.5% front. and 59.5% post.


Tour Recap

Here’s a rewind to last month’s Ferrari 296 GTB Test Drive X GTS Viewing Party at Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale. Thank you to everyone who experienced the latest models with us. It was a packed week, filled with test drives, food, music, cappuccinos and more!