A Voyage of Rediscovery: Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale hosts the Ferrari Portofino M Debut

May 5th, 2021 by

Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale hosted an exclusive three-day event to help launch the new Ferrari Portofino M in South Florida.

April 15-19, 2021- Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale hosted a private viewing debut of Ferrari’s newest grand touring  2+2 spider, the Portofino M. Ferrari Fort Lauderdale unveiled the newly redesigned Portofino M to a select group of VIP clients and press.  Clients enjoyed canapes, cappuccinos, and cupcakes and toasted the debut of Ferrari’s newest vehicle with Bodvar Rose. The event was made even more special because the Portofino M that was sitting in the Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale showroom is the only Portofino M in the United States. This was the first time, that Ferrari enthusiasts were able to see the new  Portofino model up-close and personal. Clients were able to experience the journey of rediscovery from the comfort of the showroom.

Portofino M and Portofino Comparison

The newly redesigned 2021 Portofino M is a complete upgrade from the original Portofino. The Portofino M is now equipped with 8-speed transmission, a significant upgrade from the previous iteration’s 7-speed transmission. Both types max out at a top speed of 200 mph. However, the new Portofino M has an increased horsepower of 612 horsepower. The original Portofino only reached a horsepower of 591. Ferrari innovations helped to increase the horsepower capabilities by 21hp. The Portofino M is a little bit faster with a 0-62mph in 3.45 seconds compared to its predecessor’s 3.5 seconds.

In addition, the Portofino M also features a redesigned rear diffuser and resculpted air vents. This new design even has a more luxurious interior. The vehicle features the manettino dial and heated and ventilated front seats with neck warmer capabilities. Both versions feature a 10.2-inch infotainment touchscreen display system.  Overall, Ferrari engineers designed the Portofino M to be a bit sportier, technological, and luxurious.

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