The Ferrari 296 GTS

The Epitome of Driving Pleasure

Overview ______


Ferarri 296 GTB overhead


The Ferrari 296 GTS, the evolution of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined two-seater berlinetta spider concept, is powered by the new 120° V6 engine coupled with a plug-in (PHEV) electric motor that debuted on the 296 GTB, which unleashes a massive 830 cv in total. The car thus redefines the whole concept of fun behind the wheel, guaranteeing pure emotions not just when it is being pushed to its limits, but also in day-to-day driving situations.
Ferarri 296 GTS

The changes made for the Ferrari 296 GTS further emphasize the clean, sophisticated lines of the 296 GTB. When the top is down, it is the peerlessly elegant epitome of the open-air hybrid concept. Its unprecedented architecture for a spider, in fact, opens a whole new chapter in the marque’s story. The designers’ goal of retaining the 296 GTB’s main characteristics required a period of meticulous analysis of the dimensions of its technical components. There was a clear focus on minimizing the impact of any modifications on the exterior bodywork and also on introducing a clear, instantly recognisable theme that would encapsulate the complexity of the design whilst translating it into accomplished linear forms
Ferrari 296 GTS
ferrari 296 GTS


In Ferrari, the fun-to-drive factor is measured by five different indicators which are used to set targets during the development phase.The first factor is lateral acceleration which determines response to steering wheel inputs, the prompt reaction of the rear axle to steering inputs, and, consequently, ease of handling. Longitudinal acceleration, on the other hand, comes down to the speed and smoothness of the response to the accelerator pedal. The third factor is gear shifting in terms of shift times and feeling of coherent progression through the gears with every gear change. The fourth factor is braking: brake pedal feel in terms of travel and response. Lastly, sound levels and quality in the cabin and progression of engine sound as revs rise are also monitored

Design ______

Advanced Control Functions

The 296 GTS’s dynamic development focussed around boosting the car’s pure performance, delivering class-leading levels of driver engagement as well as improving the usability and accessibility not just of the car’s speed, but also the hybrid layout.
Specific components have been developed, not least the Transition Manager Actuator (TMA) and the 6-way Chassis Dynamic Sensor (6w-CDS). There are also new functions, such as the ABS EVO controller, which uses the data gathered by the 6w-CDS, and the grip estimation integrated with the EPS, seen on the 296 GTB
Ferrari 269 GTS Design


The 296 GTS bursts into the mid-engined spider sports car range, with several radical and innovative solutions. The turbo has been installed above the vee of the crankcase in a hot-V configuration. This allows more efficient heat management both of the engine bay itself and of the electrical components. This sharp break from the past is further highlighted by aero choices, which have turned Ferrari’s active aero paradigm of recent years on its head. On the 296 GTS, an active device is being used not to manage drag but to generate extra downforce

Ferrari 269 GTS rear view



The 296 GTS’s cockpit was developed around the new entirely digital interface concept debuted on the SF90 Stradale. While with the latter the designers wanted to highlight the presence of the advanced technology and underscore a clear break with the past, in the case of the 296 GTS, the idea was to clothe that technology to sophisticated effect. The result is a pure, minimalistic connotation characterised by a powerful elegance that perfectly mirrors the design of the exterior

Ferrari 269 GTS interior

Innovations ______

Specifications ______

V6 Powertrain

Ferarri 269 GTS


ferrari maximum power830 cv


ferrari acceleration icon221 cv/l


ferrari weight powerV6 120°

0-100 km/h2.9 s
0-200 km/h7.6 s
200-0 km/h107 m
Max. speed> 330 km/h
Fiorano lap time1’21” 80

Width1,958 mm
Height1,191 mm
Wheelbase2,600 mm
Front Track1,665 mm
Rear Track1,632 mm
Dry Weight**1.86 kg/cv
Weight Distribution40.5% front – 59.5% rear

Front Tyres245/35 ZR20 J9.0
Rear Tyres305/35 ZR 20 J11.0
Front Brakes398 x 223 x38 mm
Rear Brakes360 x 223 x32 mm

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