Most Visually Striking Ferrari Forged Wheels

July 13th, 2020 by

The joy of owning a Ferrari is, of course, the opportunity to customize its overall look, including custom paint jobs and accessories.

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However, one of the best ways to give your Ferrari a unique look would be changing its wheels to something that truly reflects your style. There are many Ferrari wheels to choose from out in the market, but to get the most bang for your buck and maintain your car’s performance, you may want to check out forged wheels. These wheels don’t come cheap, but their quality and stunning designs more than makeup for their price tag.

A Closer Look at How Forged Wheels Are Made

There are a couple of ways forged wheels are made:

  • Mold-form forging
  • Machine forging

Of the two, machine forging is the more popular method used by manufacturers, and it involves taking material, usually a billet of aluminum, and subjecting it to massive amounts of pressure and intense heat. This first step makes the aluminum a lot stronger than its pre-forging strength. Next, that forged aluminum is then cut into the desired wheel design, and any rough edges are smoothened to give the wheel its final form.

On the other hand, there is mold-form forging, which is similar to machine forging but with a few marked differences. In this case, the wheel design is created during the molding process, which means the metal’s grain flows with the shape of the wheel. The following step involves a machine that applies up to 10,000 tonnes of force to the outer and inner rim of the wheel to finalize its shape.

Advantages of Forged Wheels

The whole process of creating forged wheels is quite specialized, and they are pricier than run-of-the-mill cast wheels, but are they worth it?

  • Forged wheels offer better performance and handling due to the forging process.
  • The forging process makes for tires that aren’t porous, don’t have shrinkage, and have no cavities.
  • They offer better wear resistance.
  • The tight grain structure makes them mechanically stronger.

For high-performance cars like Ferraris, high-performance wheels make the best option. As mentioned previously, it is not enough to just have a car that looks good because you want it to retain its performance as well.

When customizing a Ferrari, the best way to go about it would be to look for manufacturers and suppliers that offer genuine Ferrari accessories. These manufacturers will understand what it takes to create accessories and forged Ferrari wheels that not only look good but also provide peak performance for your car.

Investing in forged wheels for your Ferrari from genuine suppliers will offer you peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best of the best for your money. A bonus is that you never have to worry that you are getting the wrong type of wheels when buying from genuine providers. They create unique wheels for specific models that take all the guess-work out of purchasing new forged wheels for your car.


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